Vitamin C: The Powerhouse Ingredient

Vitamin C: The Powerhouse Ingredient

If you have your ear to the ground in the realm of skincare, then chances are that y’all are already reaping the rewards from this mighty powerhouse ingredient: Vitamin C (otherwise known as Ascorbic Acid). 

If you’re a valued Shawishi Skin Care customer, then maybe you’re already an avid user of one of our most popular products, the Vitamin C-rich serum, Nectar Drops. 

So is Vitamin C for everyone? Should you be adding Vitamin C infused products to your regimen if you’re not already? 

The answers are a yes, and a definite yes, and here’s why… 

Vitamin C is recognised as one of the most efficient and sought-after skincare ingredients available on the market, praised for its multitude of roles from boosting radiance, providing antioxidant protection and helping diminish the signs of aging. 

So if the above hasn’t sold you, why else should you be using Vitamin C products on the daily? 


1.It’s versatile 

I call Vitamin C a powerhouse for a reason, it’s no one hit wonder baby!

Uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, skin dullness — you can name just about any common complexion concern and there's a high chance that Vitamin C (and the skin-care products it's featured in) will be beneficial to the problem. 

When one ingredient helps with a multitude of skin care concerns, it’s definitely worth adding to your daily regimen. 


2. It helps protect against sun damage

Y’all know how serious I am about sun protection. It’s a very important one, as sun damage is the main cause of premature aging and y’all know we want to avoid that! Excessive exposure to oxidant stress via pollutants and UV rays are both associated with depleted Vitamin C levels in the skin, due  to this, we need to be adding it topically to increase levels.

As a bonus, Vitamin C can also boost your SPF's efficacy, creating a dynamic duo for skin protection! Which means you're even less likely to experience signs of premature ageing. Win, Win! 


3. It is suitable and safe for all skin types

Vitamin C benefits extend to all skin types, including dry and sensitive skin. 

It has an excellent safety profile with the majority of people being able to tolerate vitamin C topically for extended periods of time without experiencing any adverse reactions.

Vitamin C may cause minor skin irritation in concentrations at higher potencies, but slowly building up to higher concentrations will minimize these effects. 

4. It fights hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tone 

Another wonder of Vitamin C is that it contains a property that inhibits your skin's Melanin production, and Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color (and also what causes skin discoloration like dark spots and hyperpigmentation). 

By inhibiting melanin production, vitamin C can help fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation and even stop them from forming in the first instance. Yes please! 


5. Vitamin C comes in a variety of strengths and potencies and is accessible for everyone. 

Just about anyone will be able to find a Vitamin C serum that is suitable for their skin type, skin tone and skin concerns. 

If you’re new to the ingredient or have sensitive skin, I would recommend starting with the lowest potency of 5% and building up slowly, over time


Ok, so now you can see; Vitamin C products are legendary for a reason!  They really work, and this is an ingredient that absolutely lives up to its hype. 

You can find out Vitamin C rich products here:

  1. Nectar Drops, Vitamin C Serum
  2. I.C.U , Vitamin C eye cream
  3. Glow Up, Vitamin C rich Moisturizer
  4. C Me Glow, Vitamin C rich toner


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