The Sun & Your Skin: 7 Summer Skincare Tips

The Sun & Your Skin: 7 Summer Skincare Tips

It’s mid July - Summer is in full swing, temperatures are soaring and the days are sweeping by with endless sunshine. 

I don’t know about you, but for me, Summer is THE season! 

Enjoying the Summer sun though can take a real toll on our skin and leave it less than happy (if we’re not careful). With a bit of knowledge, and some provision though, your skin will be protected, healthy and glowing all the way through this magical blue sky filled season! 

Summer skin tips incoming! Who's ready? 

#Tip 1. Ok. Y’all know what I’m about to say… (this is the step you aren’t allowed to skip)...

Make sure you’re wearing a high factor (50+), broad spectrum sunscreen on your face, neck and any body parts that are going to be exposed to the sun. Whether you’re going to be in the shade, indoors or are living underground… I will always advise you to wear that SPF! 

Make sure to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before entering the sun, reapply every 2 hours, or 90 minutes if you’re going to be sweating or in water. 

Be sure to choose a sunscreen that is lightweight and that is suitable for your skin needs (whether that be oily, combination or dry). 

I recommend ‘Throwing Shade’ from my Shawishi Skincare product line 

Throwing shade is a mineral sunscreen (physical protection), lightweight, moisture barrier protecting and ideal for all skin types. 

#Tip 2. Physically protect areas that are extra sensitive to the sun.

If you suffer from skin conditions, protect them with light, loose fitting clothing. Sometimes it’s better to protect yourself completely from the sun if your skin is sensitive. 

Wear a wide brimmed hat to protect your scalp from burning, and further protect your face from the sun.

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes/ eye area.  

#Tip 3. Use a Vitamin C serum in the morning. 

Haven’t you heard? Vitamin C and SPF are the real power couple! Vitamin C actually helps your SPF work more effectively. Studies have shown that using Vitamin C protects the skin from further photo damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

My go to? Nectar drops! 


#Tip 4. Take it easy on the Retinols 

Y'all KNOW how I feel about retinols…they’re the freaking bomb. 

However, they have their time and place, but in the height of Summer sun? Well, it’s time for them to take a back seat! Retinols can make the skin more sensitive and potentially increase risk for sun damage, burns, irritation and sensitivity - and that is not the summer look we’re going for! 

You can still use them, but just be tentative with use. Always apply at night, and if your skin is showing signs of irritation, ease back, try mixing with a moisturizer and most importantly… wear that SPF during the day time! 

#Tip 5. Double cleanse, no rushing! 

Hot weather = extra sweat!! We all experience it. The skin is much more likely to produce more oils during the hot weather, which increases the risk of pores becoming clogged with makeup and dirt, which can lead to dreaded breakouts! So we really need to make sure the skin is clear of the daily grime before applying those precious skincare products, so they can do their thang! 

When cleansing, lather and gently cleanse the face for a good 10 seconds. Rinse and repeat and follow with a soothing toner! 

Take a peak at our Cleansers

Take a peak at our Toners 


#Tip 6. Don’t skimp on moisturizing, but keep it lightweight. 

It can be easy to think moisturizing in the summer months is unnecessary. Your skin is a little more dewy and oily naturally anyway, right? Well yes, BUT this doesn't mean we skip out on moisturizing. 

Moisturizing is key, in every season, but even more so in Summer. Regularly spending time out in the sun can really dehydrate and dry out the skin, negatively impacting the precious moisture barrier. It may feel more oily than usual, but trust me it’s because it’s dehydrated, so don’t skip on the moisturizer! 

Choose a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturizer after using a cleanser to hydrate your skin, I recommend Tropical Cream from my Shawishi Skincare Collection.

#Tip 7. You know this one already, Stay Hydrated! 

Dehydration shows in the skin, and staying hydrated in Summer is important for a whole host of reasons. 

This is your cue to go fill up that glass ;) 

Implement these simple and effective tips and you’ll be rewarded with healthy, protected, glowing Summer skin.

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