Experience the Power of Personalized Skincare

Experience the Power of Personalized Skincare


Are you feeling a little lost in the endless world of skincare? It can be overwhelming - even for the most seasoned skincare junkies! It’s 2023, and information overload is a THANG, with new products, ingredients, and research constantly emerging, it's tough to know where to begin. 😵‍💫


Y'all, it’s an uncomfortable truth, but the trial-and-error approach to skincare doesn't work 🙃


We earthlings are all so wonderfully unique. Our bodies, our minds, our dietary needs, our style, preferences and opinions... Isn’t that what makes the human condition so dang beautiful? It’s also what reinforces the notion that there is no one size fits all approach, especially when it comes to caring for that precious skin of yours. 


If you're sick of muddling through alone, trying this product, and that trend, here’s your sign: it's time to invest in your skin now, and make your skincare future clearer, brighter, and easier to navigate! 


Ready to get personal? Book your Virtual Consultation and together, we'll create a customized skincare routine that *actually* works for your unique complexion, so you can say goodbye to inconsistent and lackluster results, for good. 

It's time to take control of your skin and feel confident in your glow. Let's do this, dahling! 


Who am I, and why can I help? 

My name is Dr. Sayyida and I’m the face and founder behind the Shawishi Skincare Collection! 


I'm board-certified in Family Medicine and completed my fellowship training in Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medicine (with a specialty focus in ethnic skin!) 


In total, I have over 20 years of medical experience and 15+ years of successfully treating patients in a clinical setting. What makes this mix of experience so unique, is that not only can I provide expert skin care advice, I hold the knowledge to evaluate any potential interferences on your skin health from lifestyle factors and medications (which can have way more of an impact than you’d think!)


Since COVID turned the world on its axis, I decided to focus on taking my business and skincare consultations completely virtual so that my services weren’t limited by location, and I could help a larger audience achieve their skincare goals! Going virtual has been a huge success, I mean, who knew being able to access expert advice from the comfort of your couch would be so appealing? I guess we shoulda known!! 🥴


Y’all, I know how much your skin can affect your confidence and how you feel about yourself. I want every single one of my clients to feel confident, beautiful and thriving. We all deserve that! 


My core belief is that achieving and maintaining a flawless complexion is not only achievable, but it also doesn’t have to be difficult. It is 100% attainable, all you need is the knowledge and know-how and a little sprinkling of Shawishi Skincare stardust! 


Why Invest in a Skincare Consultation? 

A virtual skincare consultation is your solution if you've hit a roadblock trying to navigate the maze of skincare advice by yourself. If you're looking for actual results stemming from personalized, tailored advice for your specific skin needs (rather than trying random tips and tricks 🫠), it's for you. 


Investing in a consultation with a specialist ensures that your time, money, and energy go towards achieving the healthy, radiant skin you’re seeking, instead of maintaining the loop of inconsistent results you’re currently facing. 


We understand that value for money is important, and we also know that a service of this kind is an investment in your skin and in yourself. Securing the personalized knowledge and treatment now though will ultimately change your lifelong relationship with your skin. It’ll instill you with an understanding of your own skin, its unique needs, and what works and what doesn’t. Isn’t this truly valuable information to hold about yourself? I think so! 

So, with my guidance, you'll not only achieve your skin goals, but you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to maintain them for life as your skin changes through time. 

Making the investment in your skin now makes sense, both financially, and for your skin health! 

How much money are you currently spending on products that are okay... but not providing you with the results you really want? 

How much have you spent in the past on products that you heard were great for someone you know, but totally wrong for your skin? Did they end up in the bin? 

We’ve all been there, if you don't have the knowledge, it's so hard to know what's right for you; it’s a bit like taking a shot in the dark, it’s very hard to hit the target!

It’s not good for your skin or your wallet, (or your sanity for that matter)! 


Ok, so you wanna know more?? Here’s how it all works! 

Booking: You’ll book your 30 minute call through the direct booking link, this is where you’ll also be prompted to make payment to secure your booking. You can also book via this page on the website.

Pre Call Forms: I'll send you a bunch of forms to fill out, covering all the juicy details of your lifestyle, medical history, meds, and current skincare routine. This is how I'll start to gather all the intel I need to get your skin looking its absolute best! 

Pre Call Pics: Get ready to snap your beautiful face! Before our call, you'll send me some pictures of your skin, so I can do some pre-game research and get a better understanding of exactly what's going on. 

The Consultation Call: During our 30 minutes together, we'll deep dive into your skincare concerns and I'll use my knowledge and expertise to help you uncover the root causes behind your skincare struggles and work with you to develop a personalized plan of action. It’ll be 100% tailored to your unique needs, taking into account any allergies or sensitivities you may have, and if you have any burning skincare questions or worries, bring 'em on! I'm all ears and ready to help in any way I can.

After The Call: After our consultation call, I'll go away and formulate a plan of action, making sure I'm giving you the absolute best advice possible for your unique skin situation. Once I've done my due diligence and double-checked everything, I'll send you a detailed PDF report with a personalized skincare regimen tailored just for you! 

This report will come with product suggestions and a thorough explanation of why each one was chosen for you, you'll be armed with all the knowledge you need to kick-start your journey to the skin of your dreams.  

Ongoing Voxer Support: After our consultation, you’ll automatically receive 14 days of direct Voxer support with me. Voxer is a chat app (available on IOS and Android) that allows you to send pictures, voice notes and instant messages with me. I’ve added this in so that you can have direct access to me in the chance we need to troubleshoot any kinks  - you basically have a skin specialist in your pocket for 2 weeks 🤭.

The Follow Up: During your follow up call, we'll go over your progress, assess any questions, queries, concerns and take a look at how things are progressing. This is where we can also make any tweaks or make further recommendations. You can book your follow-up call here.


What’s Included in the price? 

The price for a Virtual Consultation with me is $200 for 30 minutes. 

Included in this price are the following:

  1. Pre Call Forms 
  2. 30 Minute Consultation Call
  3.  PDF report with a personalized skincare regimen tailored just for you with product recommendations (and 25% off products). 
  4. 14-day's of Voxer Support 

Why book now? 

If you’re considering investing in your skin, here’s your sign; now’s the time! 

Right now we’re holding an exclusive, once in Shawishi Skincare history offer. We’re on a mission to make 2023 the year of confidently loving and embracing your skin! 

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY…When you book a Virtual Consultation you'll save 25% off your product spend on Shawishi skincare products! (your consultation comes with product recommendations tailored for your skin needs!). 

PLUS Follow up calls are reduced to $100

PLUS an additional 25% off future product spend



How is virtual better than an in person consultation?

In person consultations are great, don’t get me wrong.. But virtual consultations provide you with the convenience to book at any time from the comfort of your own home. You can even stay in your sweats, we don’t judge here at Shawishi Skincare 😏.

With our Virtual Consultations you also get direct Voxer support included in the Consultation price for 14 days after your call (so basically you have the Doc on dial) which is not the norm when you book in person visits! This allows us to ensure thorough aftercare and enhances client - consultation communication and trust. 

How can you properly assess my skin if the consultation is virtual? 

Prior to your call, you’ll be prompted to send in clear, up close pictures of your skin and I’ll also take detailed information from you in intake forms to ensure that I’ve got a full picture of your skin. 

Then on the call (which is video based) we can discuss everything as we would in an in person visit! 

Y’all probably know that many doctors appointments are now done virtually, we can assure you that there’s no disadvantage in terms of quality of care when comparing in person to virtual visits.

How will I get my 25% discount off products? 

You’ll be provided with a discount code to purchase your products online. You can use this code to purchase the recommended products detailed in your personalized skin care regimen, or any other products you may want to try from us! There’s no limit on product choice (unless certain items are out of stock). 

How and when can I book my follow up call?

You can book your follow-up call with me during your consultation call, so we have it booked and taken care of in our calendars! 

Alternatively, you can use this direct booking link to book in when you’re ready! 

So that’s it my dahlings, there’s no better time to invest in your skin health than right now. If you’re on the fence about whether the investment is worth it, please feel free to reach out to the team with any questions you may have; ALL questions are valid and welcome here at Shawishi Skincare.  

Book now, and give future you something to smile about! 

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